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Oral cancer is a mouth cancer, in which cancerous tissues grow in the oral cavity.Mouth cancer affects all parts of the mouth such as mouth floor,cheek linings,gums,lips,roof of the mouth.It is more common in people above the age of 40.According to a research,more than 700,000 people come into the grip of mouth cancers and many of them lose their life due to unawareness of its symptoms and lack of early detection.

What are the symptoms of mouth cancer?

1.Red or white and red patches on the lining of mouth or tongue

2.One or more mouth ulcers that do not heal after 3 weeks

3.Swelling in mouth that lasts for more than three weeks

4.Pain or difficulty in swallowing

5.A persistent pain in the neck

6.A hoarse voice

7.Unusual weight loss

8.Unusual changes in sense of taste

9.Pain in ear

10.Swollen glands in the neck

What are the risk factors?

1.Smoking and Cigarettes-The most common causes of mouth cancer are smoking cigarettes and consuming too much alcohol.Cigarettes and alcohol contain deadly chemicals that damage the DNA in cells and causes cancer. People who are heavy drinker and smoker are more prone to develop oral cancer than others.

2.Betel nuts- Betel nut is also one the leading causes of death.It contains carcinogenic chemicals that increase the chances of mouth cancer.

3.Tobacco-Range of tobacco products is available in markets which are used differently.Some people place the substances under the lip that absorbs into the blood and causes cancer.

4.Poor Oral Hygiene-Poor oral hygiene such as gum diseases, tooth decay, not brushing your teeth daily, having false teeth increase your risk of mouth cancer.


a. Biopsy

b.Pan endoscopy

1.An X-ray

2.MRI Scan

3.CT scan

c.PET scan

d.Fine needle aspiration


1. Photodynamic therapy

2. Radiotherapy


Can mouth cancer be cured?

It can be cured if mouth cancer is diagnosed early.However, many people spot it too late and lose all hope.

How to keep your mouth healthy?

1.Stop Smoking

2.Cut down your alcohol consumption

3.Eat balanced and healthy diet

4.Eat lots of fruits and vegetables

5.Visit your dentist regularly

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