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Hack Your Immunity With Super Foods during Monsoon to Prevent Bacterial and Viral Infections

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Hack Your Immunity With Super Foods during Monsoon to Prevent Bacterial and Viral Infections

During monsoon weather bacteria and viruses are found in the highest gear and usually make kids and elderly more vulnerable to catch water-borne diseases and infections. With the heavy rainfall comes monsoon related ailments such as common cold, measles, mumps, whooping cough, pneumonia, malaria, dengue, typhoid, diarrhea, chikungunya, fever, asthma, etc that make people sick. Unfortunately, monsoon has been causing acute and Japanese encephalitis epidemic throughout the eastern end of Uttar Pradesh and taking toll on children’s health. However, these monsoons related illness can be highly avoided in children by proper immunization and maintaining healthy immune system.

Healthy immune system fights with bacteria and viruses and helps protect against various infections and illness. So, it becomes essential to stay fit and maintain healthy immune against host of diseases. Find out what food should you include in your as well as your kid’s diet to boost immunity. Here are some super foods and hygienic habits that can keep your illness at bay. 

1)Turmeric Milk-Turmeric milk is loaded with bioactive component “curcumin” which is known to have powerful anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It is believed that a glass of turmeric milk highly reduces the chances of bacterial borne illness by fighting with foreign bodies and helps improve immunity. Do not forget to gulp down a glass of turmeric milk during rainy season.

2)Tulsi Tea-A relaxing cup of tulsi (basil) tea has been used since decades owing to its miraculous properties. Its anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties fight with foreign bodies and prevent from viral and bacterial infections. By adding five to 6 leaves of tulsi in morning tea you can contribute in helping improve your immunity. 

3)Stay Hydrated-Consuming adequate amount of water and water-loaded drinks during monsoons can highly help prevent monsoon related diseases. In monsoon owing to increased humidity our body sweats more, so to maintain water content in the body, try to stay hydrated.

4)Consume more ginger and honey- Ginger and honey have been used together due to its various medicinal properties. In case of viral flu and cold it works as an elixir to treat the problem. 

5)Increase Fibre Consumption- Digestive problems are highly prevalent in monsoon season. Thus improving diet and avoiding road side unhygienic foods you can help cleanse your stomach and intestine. Adding fibrous foods such as tomatoes, spinach, corn, cauliflower, grains, cereals, beans, legumes, etc you can keep your digestive system healthy.

6)Eat nuts- Nuts are packed with proteins, good fatty acids, anti-oxidants such as carotenoids, selenium, B complex vitamins, vitamin C, etc. They are known to have energy boosting effect on health. They fight with infection and promote growth development in children.

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