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The healthcare space has been known for its isolated, segregated and fragmented nature, when it comes to ethically promoting its products and services. Owing to poor communication and collaboration, there are various challenges available, which are faced by the healthcare professionals, medical practices and institutions. In today’s digital world, traditional method is being used by most of the healthcare providers which is considered as more costly, inefficient and untimely. 

On the other hands, strong online presence has made its own way for the healthcare providers. Undoubtedly, like any other space, healthcare space is also not untouched with the benefits and importance of the digital presence. But, understanding the necessity of strong online presence has yet to be recognized by many of the healthcare providers.Though, many of them are on their way… while, many more are still miles away. 

The purpose of this blog is to aware healthcare providers about the need of digital presence for their service. To make them understand that how digital media can help patients find them online, how it helps maintain relationships, how it can help medical service providers boost their practice, how it can help increase communication, and the list goes on. To make them understand that strong online presence is all about educating and engaging people, growing and improving services. To make them understand that having digital presence is all about people, it is all about engagement, retention and strengthening online reputation.
Reasons Why You Should Have Strong Digital Presence or Online Presence-
1)When you have strong online presence, it 10 times increases your likelihood of connecting with your patients. The patients that are searching you online.
2)It helps you communicate with your patients easily and effectively.
3)In a study, it is found that 76 % of consumers trust reviews, feedbacks and recommendation, your online presence helps people better educate them about your services.
4)Your online presence helps you track your patients.
5)It helps build and manage your online reputation.
6)Having online presence helps you increase your patient load, improve your efficiency, and streamline your practice workflows.
7)Online scheduling can help drive patient growth and satisfaction; reduce administrative workload, and more.
8)Your online presence helps you fill empty appointment slot thus, increasing the efficiency.
9)Your online presence helps deliver your services to your patients 24×7 anywhere.
10) Having no online presence or having a poor online presence both can adversely harm your practice. Because, people may search you online, before visiting your clinic/hospital.
11)41% of users search medical content; health feeds and tips online to read. Having digital presence helps you educate your patients through your write-ups.
12) Being online, you give fair chances to your patients to write reviews and feedbacks about you. 
13)Your online presence helps your patient book online appointment which increases your productivity and efficiency.

The Key takeaway: Things to keep in mind that people are inborn social, health is social, health care is social, but your service is not social yet. 
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