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It's World No Tobacco Day! Know Reasons To Quit Smoking Today.

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31st May is observed as a world no tobacco day to draw attention of tobacco users to its negative and life threatening impacts on their health as well as on others. The motive behind this day is to encourage people all around the globe to abstain themselves from consuming any forms of tobacco to fight off its deadly effects. This year, the theme of the world no tobacco day, 2018 is ‘Tobacco and Heart disease’. It has been found that long term tobacco use (both chewing and smoking) makes people more susceptible to develop cardiovascular diseases and stroke. To add more, smoking puts people at risk of lung cancer, infertility, oral cancer, and early aging.

According to World Health Organization-
1. More than 7 million people die every year due to tobacco.
2. 12% of total death rate attribute to tobacco consumption.
3. Every minute, 11 million cigarettes are smoked around the globe.
4. Every minute, 10 people die from smoking.
5. More than 9,00,000 being exposed to second hand smoke.

Undoubtedly, tobacco is addictive and can easily mob health and happiness from life. So it is essential for everyone to spread awareness about its lethal consequences. Let’s take a pledge to help curb the addiction.
Reasons why you should quit smoking today.

1)You will live longer-
Unquestionably smoking has been linked to life threatening conditions. There is nothing as harmful as consuming tobacco or smoking. Smoking can wreak havoc on your most important organs of your body. So quit smoking and add more healthy years to your life. 
2) There will be less secondhand smoke-
Second hand smoke is just as deadly as smoking. So being a smoker you just not only put your health on risk but your loved ones’ too. It has been found that people exposed to second hand smoke suffered more from asthma, lung infection, shortness of breath, heart attack and smoke. If you quit smoking, you would help create a smoke free environment.
3) Improved strength –
You must have heard people saying now it’s too late to quit smoking as the damage is already done. But after years of studies it has been suggested that quitting smoking at point in life is beneficial for health. Saying no to smoking is saying yes to life. You will feel good and look good after you quit smoking. You will get your strength and immunity back. So do not fall into old adage and quit smoking today.
4) Financial benefits- 
There are many reasons to quit smoking and financial benefit can be the encouraging one. Quitting smoking would not only improve your health but can improve your financial condition as well. Smoking is expensive so spend your hard earned money wisely.
5) Socially acceptable-
Your friends and family may have issues with smoking and a smoker. They may not like you because of your unhealthy habits. As it does not only ruin smoker’s health but pollute environment too. If you quit smoking, you will be more accepted by the people. 
"Be Informed, Be Healthy"

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