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Childhood Allergies And Tips To Prevent Them.

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It is well known to us that children have lower immune system until they are about 7- 8 years old which makes them more susceptible to catch infections and allergies. It is found that every third child suffers from frequent cough, cold, dry skin, conjunctivitis, eczema; fever, asthma, etc. at regularly recurring intervals. These problems might range from minor to severe and sometimes may also requires immediate medical attention. So it is necessary for the parents to look attentively on the triggers which make their child allergic and cause illness.

There are various factors that are the real culprit of kid’s allergies. The commonest ones are airborne dust, pollen grains, fossil fuels, insects, animal dander, mites, perfumes, agarbatti smoke, certain drug, and certain foods. Though with the proper evaluation, standardized treatments and immunotherapy the occurrences of getting frequent allergic infections and associated diseases can be reduced to a large extent. By changing your child’s unhealthy lifestyle and increasing their immunity level you also get healthy and promising results.

Some of the most prevalent allergies and their symptoms which need to be taken care of, are-

1)Skin allergies- Children’s skin is considered as one of the most sensitive organs that easily catches infections and allergies. Their skin is more prone to suffer from allergic rashes, scaly patches, itching, hives and swelling. Some of the common skin allergies are eczema, skin redness, and many more. Though, you can greatly avoid allergies by keeping your child’s skin healthy, moist and clean. You are also recommended to consult allergist or dermatologist if your child’s infection continues to persist or come back frequently.

2)Food allergies-There are certain foods that highly contribute to allergies in children. These foods cause negative reactions to immune system and lead to adverse effect on various body organs. Foods that trigger allergies can be milk, eggs, peanuts, certain nuts, soy, protein, wheat, and so on. It is recommended to keep eyes on the plate of your child and pay attention on what causing allergies and what not. Food allergies are something that cannot be avoided as it may cause severe gastrointestinal and other problem. Owing to severity of the food allergy you are recommended to consult gastroenterologist or allergist to treat the problem.

3)Pulmonary allergies- If your child catches cold, nasal congestion, runny nose, sneezing, coughing, difficulty breathing more often than others then, there are high chances that he or she is pulmonary allergic. Pulmonary allergies are extremely common in children and if not taken care at right times can lead to chronic lungs issues and breathing problems such as asthma, cystic fibrosis, bronchitis, etc. It is advised to seek pulmonologist help if your child have frequent episode of breathing problems or any above mentioned problems.

4)Pet allergies- Children are highly susceptible to get allergies and infections through pet’s saliva, urine, dead skins and fur. These allergies can cause minor to severe illness and adversely impact the immunity. It is recommended to get your child tested for allergies if he/she sneezes or feels difficulty breathing while playing with pets.

Allergies and infections should not be avoided and treated just like an illness to prevent further health complexities. 

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