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Doctoriduniya.com once again taken an evolutionary step towards digital health care. Keeping the patient’s convenience in mind, we are proudly announcing our preventive health check-up scheme. This scheme will be fruitful to all and provide all the health checkups and test done under one roof.Now, no more running from one pathology to other for getting your different health check up done.We know and understand patient’s bad experience during diagnosis test and especially when it comes to cost. We are continuously striving to cut down your expenses that you spend while availing services.

Currently, around 88.8% of patients suffer before going through any test or diagnosis and situation becomes worse when the condition of the patient is so critical. So here we are launching a scheme that would help you at each step. Our scheme is a combination of multiple tests and checkups where you can avail some important test in one package only. Be it for prescribed diagnostic, regular health check up, blood test, urine test, pediatrician consultation, dental examination, gynecologist consultation or ENT check up, you can get all test done here in cost effective manner.

With regular health check-ups, the chances of getting unforeseen illnesses are greatly reduced. Remember, a healthy body can do wonders and would always push you forward in life.Detecting disorders through routine heath check up tests can also be cost-effective in the long run. We all know that preventative measures are cheaper than highly expensive medical procedures. Routine checkups can help control potential and dreadful diseases and improve health status.

Our scheme includes -

Pediatric Health check up scheme (Rs.1495/- only)- CBC with ESR,SGOT,SGPT,RBS,Urine Routine,X Ray Chest ,Stool test,blood test,dental checkup and pediatrician consultation.

Women’s health check-up scheme(Rs.2095/- only) – Physical examination and self-breast examination, CBC with ESR, urine test, RBS, X-ray Chest PA, stool test, etc.

Diabetic profile(Rs.2195/- only)- Blood sugar, PP, urine test, HBA1C, LIPID Profile and KFT Profile.Eye consultation and physician consultation.

Routine medical checkup(Rs.2795/- only)-  Physical examination,CBC with ESR,blood sugar ,PP,blood group,LFT,KFT,X-RAY CHEST,ECG,Urine examination,USG,etc.

Sr-citizen health check up(Rs.3595/- only.)-  Physical examination,CBC with ESR,blood sugar ,PP,blood group,LFT,KFT,X-RAY CHEST,ECG,Urine examination,USG,PSA (Men) or Pap smear (Women) ,etc.

Executive health check up(Rs.4295/- only)- Physical examination,CBC with ESR,blood sugar ,PP,blood group,LFT,KFT,X-RAY CHEST,ECG,Urine examination,USG,PFT,Dentalcheckup,ENTconsultation,Physician consultation.

Whole body check up(Rs.6095/- only)- 

Physical examination,CBC with ESR,blood group,blood sugar,LFT,KFT,lipid profile,T3,T4,TSH,HBA1C,ECG,X-raychest,USG,Urine

examination,PSA(men) Pap Smear(Women),PFT,Dental examination,Ent check up,physician consulation,etc.

Heart check up(Rs.7195/- only)- Physical examination,CBC with ESR,blood group,blood sugar,LFT,KFT,lipid profile,T3,T4,TSH,HBA1C,ECG,X-ray chest,USG,Urine examination,PSA(men) Pap Smear(Women),PFT,ECHO ,Cardiologist consulation,ENT consultation.

The lives we live are loaded with a number of tasks that make us ignore our body. There are many factors which are responsible for an unhealthy body such as sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy food, frustration, depression, workplace tension etc. There may be many other causes for illnesses to develop which should be checked for regularly. We rarely understand the importance of physical health check up but it does help in early diagnosis of preventable diseases which helps patients to live their lives to the fullest.  

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