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7 खाद्य पदार्थ जो बढ़ाते हैं आपकी एकाग्रता, ऊर्जा एवं सक्रियता

यह बात आप भी जानते होंगे की आप जो भी आहार अपने खान पान में शामिल करते हैं वह आपके स्वास्थ्य एवं ऊर्जा पर काफी प्रभाव डालता है। स्वस्थ आहार न केवल आपकी ऊर्जा स्तर बढ़ाता है बल्कि आपकी स्मृति, एकाग्रता एवं ध्यान को भी बढ़ाने में मदद करता है। विश्व स्वास्थ्य संगठन के अनुसार स्वस्थ आहार एवं पोषणयुक्त भोजन आपके बीमारियों से संक्रमण के खतरे को कम करता है एवं दिन भर आपकी सक्रियता बनाए रखता है। तो यदि अगली बार आप थका हुआ महसूस करे या थकान आपके दिनचर्या का हिस्सा बन गई हो तो आपको निश्चित रूप से अपने ...

Follow These 10 Healthy Tips To Prevent Osteoporosis

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               Osteoporosis is affecting millions, individuals are becoming more prone to get bone related issues than other ailments. It is the problem that makes people physically weak and inactive. There are various situations and things that contribute to osteoporosis. But little do we know that these ailments can be prevented through adequate nutrition and lifestyle changes. Here listing the food items which you should add to your diet to reduce...


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Women are always found busy in taking care of everybody else, but when it comes to their health, they barely give attention.While working for household chores or office work they forget to give attention to their health.We know that our body continuously gives warning signs or shows symptoms and alert you that it requires medical attention.But we tend to ignore it due to lack of awareness or knowledge.70% of the disease can be cured if they are diagnosed early.Therefore, it is important for you ...

Benefits of Digital Technology in Healthcare –A Real Story

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My mother was suffering from gallbladder stone, which is one of the most common medical problems in women.Her condition was getting worse with the passage of time. Even after taking treatment from various doctors, there was no improvement found in her condition.Her level of illness was increasing with the passing of time.She had gone through different treatment and surgical process but nothing could make her condition better.One day, one of my friend came to visit me, he also met with my critica...

Do Not Ignore These Symptoms At Any Cost.

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Yes, that is true that no one of us wants to visit a doctor.This is the biggest reason that we tend to ignore the minor or initial symptoms that may put our lives at risk.These symptoms may be a simple cold and cough, persistent fever, unprecedented or unexplained weight loss, weakness or numbness in the body, urine infections, continuous back pain or loss of appetite.Keeping eye on the body and its problem whether minor or major is extremely essential and helps prevent major future complication...


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Constant body and muscle pain has become much more common in people these days.There are many conditions that lead to whole body pain. Stress's one of the most common conditions among other conditions.It can also be due to your day to day lifestyle, underlying medical conditions and sedentary working style.In some cases a single rest would relieve to your body. While sometimes it becomes important to consult your doctor.Here are some top reasons that cause constant body pain.1.StressWhen yo...


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Do you often feel intense pain above your waist in the back of your body? Do you feel extremely lethargic and tired throughout the day? Do you feel cold all the time even in warm room? Do you experience shortness of breath? Do you often feel dizziness or faint or lack of concentration? Do you have puffy eyes and swollen feet? Your muscles are cramping and you need to urinate more often. If you are experiencing these symptoms you need to consult your doctor as this could be the symptoms...

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