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Experiencing constant body pain is awful. Know some ways to treat it naturally.

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Do you experience constant body pain with every passing day? Suffering from the terrible body ache seems like unending battle for you? In spite of running on pain reliever medication you still feel uneasy and unable to alleviate your pain?Irrespective of age and gender, body pain can occur with anyone at anytime. Sometimes it might be difficult to know the underlying causes of pain. You may not pinpoint what actually causing the pain and bear it with no choices left. You may experience frequent ...

World Environment Day, 5 June! Know Serious Effects of Plastic Pollution on Human Health

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5th June is observed as world environment day all around the globe.  It is celebrated to draw the attention of the people towards the protection of the environment. The motive of this day is to spread awareness among the people about the factors causing threat to environment and human health. This day is being observed since 1974 by the United Nation and considered as one of the most important day to encourage people to take care of the earth. This year, the theme for world enviro...

Why Healthcare Needs a Strong Online Presence.. DoctoriDuniya

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The healthcare space has been known for its isolated, segregated and fragmented nature, when it comes to ethically promoting its products and services. Owing to poor communication and collaboration, there are various challenges available, which are faced by the healthcare professionals, medical practices and institutions. In today’s digital world, traditional method is being used by most of the healthcare providers which is considered as more costly, inefficient and untimely. On the other h...

Top Reasons Why You Should Add Moong Dal Sprouts to Your Breakfast

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Owing to its high nutritional nature and impressive health benefits, super healthy moong dal sprouts are considered as one of the wondrous food. The top dietitians or nutritionists highly recommend adding this food to your breakfast either in its raw or cooked form. There are plenty of reasons to add sprouts to our daily meals. It is packed with fibers, low in calories, loaded with essential vitamins such as C and K; are some vital reasons among them. They are easy to prepare, light in wei...

Detox (Cleanse)Your Liver With These Simple and Healthy Tips

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Suffering from frequent bloating and excessive gas trouble? Suffering from painful constipation that is lasting from more than two weeks? Acidity and heartburn has become the most noticeable problem of your life? Do you observe yellowish eyes or skin and dark colored urine? Feeling loss of appetite, high blood pressure, moodiness and depression? If you are noticing these conditions then chances are that you might be suffering from impaired liver function.Did you know that your health and well-be...

Foods That You Should Highly Avoid If You Have Diabetes

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As I always used to say that diabetes is not a death sentence but just a condition that should be maintained to lead a healthy and better life. If you are diabetic you seriously need to follow healthy lifestyles and habits. It is a medical condition that requires daily maintenance such as you need to monitor your sugar level at a regular interval, you need to be very careful about the diet you consume, you need to leave sedentary lifestyles and start exercising regularly. Overweight and o...

High Blood Pressure: These Foods Can Help Lower Your High BP Level

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High blood pressure is dangerous and so its consequences. It can take a toll on your life, if not controlled on time. But the good news is that you can naturally attempt to lower down your high blood pressure level without resorting to medicines. Yes, there are ways by following which you can easily normalize and reduce your high BP level and hopefully reduce your risk of long-term complications. All you have to do is to stick with nutrient-rich foods that offer countless health benefits. ...

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