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यदि आप भी इन लक्षण का अनुभव कर रहें है तो अपने चिकित्सक से तुरन्त मधुमेह की जाँच करवाएँ।

मधुमेह भारत में सबसे आम एवं तेज़ी से बढ़ती स्वास्थ्य समस्याओं में से एक है। यदि हम भारत को मधुमेह के रोगियों की राजधानी  कहें तो गलत नहीं होगा? एक शोध के अनुसार भारत में मधुमेह के रोगियों की संख्या अन्य देशो के मुक़ाबले सबसे अधिक पाई गई। आंकड़ों के अनुसार यह पाया गया है की 2025 तक भारत की 80%  आबादी मधुमेह की शिकार होगी? विशेषज्ञो के अनुसार हर दस सेकंड में एक व्यक्ति मधुमेह का शिकार हो रहा है। डायबिटीज को मौत के सबसे मुख्य कारणों में से एक माना गया है। मधुमेह  होने की कई वजह ह...

Kidney Infection Can Be Serious… Do Not Ignore Its Symptoms

Posted on by DoctoriDuniya

You must have seen people suffering from some kind of kidney problems. Kidney problems are not rare now and have already affected more than half of the generations. Being too busy in daily schedule people usually ignore following healthy lifestyles and habits that further contribute to chronic kidney diseases. These problems may range from minor to complicated and may lead to death, if left untreated. Some of the commonest kidney problems that usually affect people’s overall health are: hematuri...

Wondering How To Regrow Hair Naturally? These Tips Can Help

Posted on by DoctoriDuniya

Are you stressed out after seeing more hair in your brush than you used to see it before? Have you started observing your hair loss in clumps? Have you started noticing more hairless patches on head where you used to see only hair? Hair thinning and hair loss is one of the most heartbreaking and problematic condition for you that can be avoided, if properly taken care of. However it is very normal to losing 50 to 100 hairs per day but when it exceeds more than the limit it can be quite troubleso...

Foods That You Should Highly Avoid If You Have Diabetes

Posted on by DoctoriDuniya

As I always used to say that diabetes is not a death sentence but just a condition that should be maintained to lead a healthy and better life. If you are diabetic you seriously need to follow healthy lifestyles and habits. It is a medical condition that requires daily maintenance such as you need to monitor your sugar level at a regular interval, you need to be very careful about the diet you consume, you need to leave sedentary lifestyles and start exercising regularly. Overweight and o...

Top Health Benefits Of Vitamin C. Know Why It Is Essential For You.

Posted on by DoctoriDuniya

Are you frequently observing discolored bruises and patches on your skin? Does your skin look rough, dry and scaly? Do you get swollen and inflammatory gum that often bleeds? Does your wound take more than usual time to heal? Do you find your hair dry and have more split ends? Do you lack interest in things and feel constant fatigue? Do you often go through nose bleeding? Experiencing digestive disorders, obesity, slow metabolism, body ache, painful joints and weakened immunity? If your r...

Stop Feeling Tired? Know 7 Reasons That Can Worsen Your Conditions.

Posted on by DoctoriDuniya

Do you find yourself exhausted all the time? Do you feel like not doing anything at all? Do you get it hard to take interest in the things you were passionate about? Do you always feel drowsy no matter how many hours of sleep you get? If this is the case with you and you are trying hard to get back your life into full swing, you need to work for it. You need to fix certain factors that might greatly contribute to making you exhausted.  There are certain factors such as your sedentary l...

High Blood Pressure: These Foods Can Help Lower Your High BP Level

Posted on by DoctoriDuniya

High blood pressure is dangerous and so its consequences. It can take a toll on your life, if not controlled on time. But the good news is that you can naturally attempt to lower down your high blood pressure level without resorting to medicines. Yes, there are ways by following which you can easily normalize and reduce your high BP level and hopefully reduce your risk of long-term complications. All you have to do is to stick with nutrient-rich foods that offer countless health benefits. ...

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