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Now it has become difficult for you to move as you used to do before. It has become very much painful to walk, run or climb stairs. You have tried all doctors, taken all prescribed medicines. But nothing has worked yet. If that is the situation then, surely you need to consider knee replacement surgery, the last solution for arthritis.Knee replacement surgery has become one of the most common bone surgeries in India. People who experience severe pain caused by arthritis go through knee replaceme...

Why is osteoporosis a threatening issue in women?

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Osteoporosis is a major health problem in Indian women. The number of women with osteoporosis is continuously increasing in India.46 millions of women are susceptible to develop osteoporosis after the age of 50.Low calcium intake, deficiency of vitamin D, lack of diagnostic facility and lack of knowledge about bone health are some attributes that lead to osteoporosis in women.Osteoporosis is a chronic condition that weakens bone and increases the risk of bone fracture. In osteoporosis density of...


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Is It Time to Get Some Help?Life is full of challenges, struggles, and burden.Sometimes it becomes unbearable and stressful that creates a situation that leads to stress, anxiety, and depression. Whether it’s the loss of your loved ones, unemployment, relationship problems or chronic illness, they all make you stressful and depressed.The sad part is that many of us do not know that they are going through depression.Some of us who know, ignore their situations and make their problem worse. It’s e...

6 Symptoms That Can Tell You About Your Health

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According to the World Health Organization (WHO), health is the state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. Thus staying healthy is not just being free from illness but it is a multi-dimensional approach. To understand how to maintain or improve health, it is necessary to know the status of your body or to know where your body actually stand.It is important to take care of your health to have a healthy body that leads to a health...

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