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Difficulty In Seeing Dim Light? Experiencing Night Vision Problem? Know The Cause

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Do you feel difficulty in seeing dim light? Do you experience poor vision at night? Do you experience blurry vision when looking at faraway objects? Do you feel more trouble in seeing as you shift from light to dark areas? Do you need extra light to find your way to your home at night? Does your eye’s lens appear to be clouded? Does your eye vision affect the ability to drive in different light conditions in the evening? The disability of not seeing objects properly in dim light or as day goes d...

Avoid Getting Sick! Add Immunity Booster Foods To Your Diet.

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Do you get cold and flu more often than others around you? Are you that person who catches infections and allergies more rapidly? Do you experience frequent health problems and issues and keep getting sick often? Do you feel tired, disoriented and stressed even after completing long nap? Do you feel like eating nothing throughout the day and do not know what happened to your appetite? Problems like pneumonia, sinus infections, shortness of breath, coughing, sneezing, chest discomfort, etc are no...

Experiencing constant body pain is awful. Know some ways to treat it naturally.

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Do you experience constant body pain with every passing day? Suffering from the terrible body ache seems like unending battle for you? In spite of running on pain reliever medication you still feel uneasy and unable to alleviate your pain?Irrespective of age and gender, body pain can occur with anyone at anytime. Sometimes it might be difficult to know the underlying causes of pain. You may not pinpoint what actually causing the pain and bear it with no choices left. You may experience frequent ...

Are you experiencing frequent mood changes?You might be suffering from these health problems that need to be resolved.

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Health conditions that can cause mood disorder-Yes, there are certain medical conditions that can be directly linked to your mood disorder i.e. frequent changes in mood that interfere with everyday life.It hinders the way you think, feel act and response and may affect your life and relationship.These conditions can cause depression, stress, anxiety, less productivity at a workplace, lack of interest and so on.Conditions that may cause mood disorder includes thyroid problems, brain tumor, some f...

हिप रिप्लेसमेंट सर्जरी के बाद किन गतिविधियों से बचना चाहिए?(What Activities Should I Avoid After Hip Replacement Surgery?)

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हिप रिप्लेसमेंट सर्जरी एक ऐसी प्रक्रिया है जिसमें शल्यचिकित्सा के द्वारा गठिया से पीड़ित दर्दनाक कूल्हे की हड्डीओ को कृत्रिम विधि द्वारा प्लास्टिक या धातु के घटकों से बने जोड़ से प्रतिस्थापित किया जाता है।हिप रिप्लेसमेंट सर्जरी कब हो सकती है?यह आमतौर पर तब किया जाता है जब अन्य सभी उपचार गठिया के दर्द को राहत प्रदान करने में असमर्थ हों और यह दर्द असहनीय हो गया हो।यह दर्द से छुटकारा पाने का आखिरीइलाज है।हिप रिप्लेसमेंट सर्जरी के दौरान क्या होता है?हिप प्रतिस्थापन सर्जरी एडवांस मेडिकल ...


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A urinary tract infection (UTI) is an infection that can occur in any part of your urinary system. The urinary system consists kidneys, ureters, bladder and the urethra.UTI mostly affects urethra and bladder. If you are a woman then you should be aware of it, as women are more susceptible to get UTI infections than man. Its infection is painful and annoying but can also be life threatening if it reaches to your kidney.What are the symptoms of UTI?Its signs...

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