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Everyone is living a hectic life, due to their busy schedule at work or tiring social meetings. Unfortunately, these conditions create an adverse situation for health. Lack of nutritious diet and exercise increases the risk of getting various nutritional deficiency disorders and chronic medical conditions such as diabetes, heart diseases, and obesity etc.According to statistics, it has been concluded that approximately 7 out of 10 deaths are caused due to chronic diseases and half of these disea...


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Body mass index, or BMI, is a  process to find out if you are at a healthy weight according to your height. BMI is a measurement based on your weight and height.Generally, the greater the number, the more body fat a person may have. BMI is considered as a screening tool but not a diagnostic test that decides if your weight is making your body more susceptible to health problems such as heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.How do you calculate BMI?Body Mass Index (BMI) is a number that depend...

WORLD HEALTH DAY...Let's Work Together Against Depression..Let's Talk

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Every year on 7th April, we observed World Health Day to commemorate the anniversary of the founding of WHO(World Health Organisation).The motive of World Health Day is to take actions against existing health topic and issues. The theme of 2017 world health day is depression, which is considered as the leading cause of death amongst adolescents, women and young adults.The theme Depression: let’s talk, is focused on reaching out and assisting people in tackling this mental illness.Accor...

Why Healthcare Needs a Strong Online Presence.. DoctoriDuniya

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The healthcare space has been known for its isolated, segregated and fragmented nature, when it comes to ethically promoting its products and services. Owing to poor communication and collaboration, there are various challenges available, which are faced by the healthcare professionals, medical practices and institutions. In today’s digital world, traditional method is being used by most of the healthcare providers which is considered as more costly, inefficient and untimely. On the other h...


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Today we are celebrating the first anniversary of doctoriduniya.com. We can’t tell you how much delighted and pleased we are for completing one year.We started from zero, we worked hard, struggled a lot but our legs did not stop and finally completed one year.It is exciting as well thrilling to see yourself as an emerging startup in a world full of competitors. We aimed for an organization that can make difference in health care sector.We have somewhat fulfilled that.We are on the way to ma...

Infant Jaundice: Causes, Symptoms and Treatments

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Infant jaundice is an illness in babies in which the skin and the white part of the eye appear yellow.The yellowish color is due to the amount of bilirubin present in the blood. The high the level the more yellowish the skin will be. When the liver is underdeveloped, it does not function properly and produce an excess amount of bilirubin and causes jaundice. Infant jaundice is more frequently seen in newborn babies in the first 1-2 weeks of life.It may lead to brain damage, organ failure, and ev...

Are you experiencing frequent mood changes?You might be suffering from these health problems that need to be resolved.

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Health conditions that can cause mood disorder-Yes, there are certain medical conditions that can be directly linked to your mood disorder i.e. frequent changes in mood that interfere with everyday life.It hinders the way you think, feel act and response and may affect your life and relationship.These conditions can cause depression, stress, anxiety, less productivity at a workplace, lack of interest and so on.Conditions that may cause mood disorder includes thyroid problems, brain tumor, some f...

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