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Consumption of alcohol is extremely common in India. It has become one of the leading causes of life threatening diseases and deaths all over the globe.According to WHO one fourth of male population consumes it and the numbers are on the verge of growing.Alcohol causes the number of health issues such as liver cirrhosis, heart diseases, and diabetes.What is alcohol use disorder? Alcohol use disorder which is also called alcoholism is associated with frequent consumption of alcohol in spite ...


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Asthma is a dreadful and sometimes, life haunting chronic respiratory disease that affects the quality of life for almost millions of people in the world. It attacks respiratory tracks that carry air to and from your lungs. In asthma, bronchial tubes or airways become swollen and inflamed which creates difficulty in breathing. Asthma is defined as narrowing and inflammations of the airways.Asthma attack/episode-An asthma attack is a triggering of asthma symptoms caused by the tightening of muscl...

It's World No Tobacco Day! Know Reasons To Quit Smoking Today.

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31st May is observed as a world no tobacco day to draw attention of tobacco users to its negative and life threatening impacts on their health as well as on others. The motive behind this day is to encourage people all around the globe to abstain themselves from consuming any forms of tobacco to fight off its deadly effects. This year, the theme of the world no tobacco day, 2018 is ‘Tobacco and Heart disease’. It has been found that long term tobacco use (both chewing and smoking) makes people m...

Kidney Infection Can Be Serious… Do Not Ignore Its Symptoms

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You must have seen people suffering from some kind of kidney problems. Kidney problems are not rare now and have already affected more than half of the generations. Being too busy in daily schedule people usually ignore following healthy lifestyles and habits that further contribute to chronic kidney diseases. These problems may range from minor to complicated and may lead to death, if left untreated. Some of the commonest kidney problems that usually affect people’s overall health are: hematuri...

Detox (Cleanse)Your Liver With These Simple and Healthy Tips

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Suffering from frequent bloating and excessive gas trouble? Suffering from painful constipation that is lasting from more than two weeks? Acidity and heartburn has become the most noticeable problem of your life? Do you observe yellowish eyes or skin and dark colored urine? Feeling loss of appetite, high blood pressure, moodiness and depression? If you are noticing these conditions then chances are that you might be suffering from impaired liver function.Did you know that your health and well-be...

Foods That You Should Highly Avoid If You Have Diabetes

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As I always used to say that diabetes is not a death sentence but just a condition that should be maintained to lead a healthy and better life. If you are diabetic you seriously need to follow healthy lifestyles and habits. It is a medical condition that requires daily maintenance such as you need to monitor your sugar level at a regular interval, you need to be very careful about the diet you consume, you need to leave sedentary lifestyles and start exercising regularly. Overweight and o...

Proven Ways to Add More Healthy Years to Your Life

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Did you know that sticking to certain habits and following healthy lifestyles you can add more years to your life? Yes, adopting low-risk lifestyle factors in your life can increase your life expectancy. According to researchers adding more years is as simple as incorporating new healthy habits into your daily routines. By making a few changes in your lifestyle you could spend more time on this earth. These changes if followed early enough can add more than a decade to your life. So, if you a...

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