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Do you know as you age, your likelihood of getting chronic diseases increases? Aging leads to various medical conditions such as diabetes, heart attack, cancer, osteoporosis, dementia, and depression.When you age,your body goes through various changes.These changes may occur in your cells or in your organs, that leads to changes in its functions or in its appearance.If you are 50 or above 50 you should be aware of the diseases and its symptoms that can adversely attack on your health.Here we are...


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We eat food to give our body proper and required nutrients and energy so that it can perform its functions. What if, you do not feel hungry or you experience loss of appetite? Loss of appetite refers a condition in which you do not feel an urge to eat. This could be dangerous as well as an alarming situation and it might lead various medical health conditions.Not eating timely and required food makes our body deprived of various necessary nutrients and minerals.This condition affects o...


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India is a place to a billion people, and a large percentage of them have kidney stones in their body. But what has troubled doctors for years is why India is a place where the majority of people are suffering from the stone disease? Why does India has so many kidney stone patients? Among other diseases, kidney stone disease is extremely common and the lifetime risk of forming a stone is very high. The reason of stone formation in the body is still unknown. Sometimes its shows clear an...

Digital healthcare - An Era of Transformation

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Digital healthcare - An Era of Transformation How digital healthcare is filling the shortages of specialties and super specialties doctors in India.Technology has become the main component of our lives.Undoubtedly, It has helped us as individuals become more informed, knowledgeable and connected.Approximately 45% of the 7 billion population is already searching, surfing and chatting over the internet. India’s digital connectivity is expected to grow from 15% in 2014 to 80% access in 20...

10 Easiest Ways To Fight Alarming Air Pollution.

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We all are aware of the alarmingsituation of the air pollution in our neighboring cities and states. Increasing air pollution is wreaking havoc on our health.It causes a plethora of health issues like a cough, shortnessof breath, dryness in the throat, skin diseases and chronic pulmonary diseases.So in order to live a pollution-free life we need to step up and follow the measures which can protect us from the harmful pollutants in the air and can also prev...

Bypass Surgery-Need,Risk,and Complications

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When your heart does not function properly, you opt for various options.One of the most common treatment method according to your severity of the problem is Bypass surgery.When your heart does not function as it was used to do before because of the one or more of your heart’s vein get partially or fully blocked. It lessens the flow of blood and oxygen into your heart and causes tightening in the chest, irregular breath or chest pain.Bypass surgery is also known as coronary artery bypass gra...

Healthy Tips For Diwali( Have A Healthy And Safe Diwali)

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Diwali is not far away and the celebrations have already begun.The auspicious occasion popularly known as a festival of light, colors, crackers and sweets.It is the time when families get together and celebrate.But we also know that a little carelessness can lead to lifelong guilt because of the unwanted accidents and health hazards.As this festival exposes us to smoke, fire, sweet dishes which adversely affect our health. Therefore it is necessary to follow safety and healthy measures.Read thes...

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