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Do You Know Your Urine Tell A Lot About Your Health?

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What Your urine can tell about your problemDo you know your urine tell a lot about your health?You or your doctor can tell about your health status simply by observing the color of the urine.You should also be aware of the various medical problem, you can diagnose just by observing the changes in its pattern, color, and smell.Sometimes the changes in the color of the urine can be the sign of health problem,that should be addressed soon.Consult your doctor if you experience any changes in its col...


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Much-awaited winter season is already here that can put your health at risk.For some people, it is considered as the cold and flu season which brings unpleasant situation as it becomes colder.Winter can be a difficult time for some people because it increases the chance of infections and put them at risk of various ailments.Problems like coughing and sneezing are unavoidable and common to some people but following a few measures can help boost immunity and prevent infections.Let doctoriduniya te...


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 Fiber plays a key role in your health. It helps clean your digestive tract, improves skin health, helps control blood sugar level and also helps lose your weight. The most fibrous food you can get from the market are-whole grains, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds.If you are experiencing stomach problem or digestion problem, consumption of fiber may help you feel better.So if you are not adding fibrous food in your diet, you should start from today.Here we are listing some more benefits ...


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Do you know that uncontrolled consumptions of medicines and alcohol play an adverse role in damaging your liver?Our liver is the largest and one of the most important organs in the body. Whatever food we eat, liver helps to digest that and also wipes out all toxins from that.There are various factors that adversely affect and cause damage such as your lifestyle, eating patterns, drinking habits, medication etc.When your liver is not healthy, it sends many signals so that you can understand the w...

10 Easiest Ways To Fight Alarming Air Pollution.

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We all are aware of the alarmingsituation of the air pollution in our neighboring cities and states. Increasing air pollution is wreaking havoc on our health.It causes a plethora of health issues like a cough, shortnessof breath, dryness in the throat, skin diseases and chronic pulmonary diseases.So in order to live a pollution-free life we need to step up and follow the measures which can protect us from the harmful pollutants in the air and can also prev...

What is a Bone Tumor?Know its Symptoms and Causes.

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What is a bone tumor?Bone tumors occur in your bone.When cells divide abnormally and uncontrollably, they start collecting a mass or lump of the tissues.This mass or lump of unhealthy tissues is called the bone tumor.When the tumor grows, it starts replacing healthy tissues from unhealthy tissues.These tumors can be cancerous or non-cancerous.The non-cancerous tumor does not expand and stays at a single place.The cancerous tumor can be considered as a fatal that can cause cancer which grows unco...

Bypass Surgery-Need,Risk,and Complications

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When your heart does not function properly, you opt for various options.One of the most common treatment method according to your severity of the problem is Bypass surgery.When your heart does not function as it was used to do before because of the one or more of your heart’s vein get partially or fully blocked. It lessens the flow of blood and oxygen into your heart and causes tightening in the chest, irregular breath or chest pain.Bypass surgery is also known as coronary artery bypass gra...

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