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Well! Summer has finally arrived and so the prickling and scorching weather that can be harmful if not properly treated. The elevating temperature combined with humidity, a gust of dry and hot winds and heat wave leave you exhausted, drained and enervated. Sometimes heat makes weather intolerable and summer less enjoyable. It can also have an awful impact on your health. However, you cannot control the rising temperature, but what you can control is the way you take care of your body. That is wh...


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Benefits of Regular Health Check Ups!There are many reasons due to that we tend to ignore our health.Sometimes we experience signs and symptoms but due to our busy schedule we tend to ignore them.Many times we think we are healthy, why would we need a health checkup? Due to our busy life style schedule we often neglect our health and do not give much importance on it.We just ignore the consequences of doing so. Regular health check up takes guarantee of your healthy body and protect you from unf...


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Every year more than 48 million people fell into the grip of food poisoning.We all will surely agree that once in a while we all suffer through this miserable illness.Food poisoning is an infectious disease which is caused by eating contaminated food that does not take a  longer time to make you bed-ridden.If you are suffering from symptoms like vomiting, dehydration, fever, stomach cramps you may have had food poisoning.Let us know more about food poisoning and the ways to escape from it.W...

What Is Digital Eye Strain And How To Avoid it?

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Do your eyes look extremely tired at the end of long working day? Do you feel strain, burning and itching sensation in your eyes that tends to get worse as the day goes on? Do you have problems like watery eyes, blurred vision, recurring headache, difficulty concentrating on things? You also feel increased sensitivity to light, cramps in neck, painful shoulder or an aching back. If you experience one or more of these conditions or symptoms then your eyes have developed eye strain or digital eye ...

Difficulty In Seeing Dim Light? Experiencing Night Vision Problem? Know The Cause

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Do you feel difficulty in seeing dim light? Do you experience poor vision at night? Do you experience blurry vision when looking at faraway objects? Do you feel more trouble in seeing as you shift from light to dark areas? Do you need extra light to find your way to your home at night? Does your eye’s lens appear to be clouded? Does your eye vision affect the ability to drive in different light conditions in the evening? The disability of not seeing objects properly in dim light or as day goes d...

Medical Conditions That Can Cause Complete Blindness And Tips To Prevent It

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Blindness in not less than a curse in life. Life would become hell when you cannot see even in broad daylight. Every single breathe you take would become difficult when you lose the ability to see. So reduce your chances of getting blind by making yourself aware with the facts and certain tips.According to Healthline, blindness is described as “inability to see anything, even in light”. Blindness can be in range of partial, legal and complete. When a person is partially blind, he or she may not ...

When To Consult Endocrinologist? Do You Have These Symptoms?

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Experiencing anxiety, depression, irritability, cold sensitivities, constipation, dry skin, unexplained weight gain, hair loss, mood swings, and emotional numbness? These symptoms may warn you against thyroid problem (either hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism). Encountering symptoms like difficulty swallowing, shortness of breath, or a visible swelling, cyst or lump in the neck? These problems could be a sign of thyroid nodule or cancer. Symptoms like increased thirst, frequent urination, blurred...

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