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Do you know that your liver is the largest and hard-working internal organ of the body? It is located under the rib cage on the right side of your abdomen. It weighs about a size of a football and performs most important functions of the body. It helps in food digestion and removes toxic substances from your body. But there are many genetic and environmental factors that can cause damage to your liver at great extent and may lead to liver damage or life threatening medical conditions. Peopl...


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Hormones which are also called chemical messengers play an essential role in overall health.Some important hormones such as adrenaline, insulin, estrogen or testosterone are secreted by various glands and organs.These glands are thyroid, adrenals, pituitary, ovaries, pancreas.The serious cause for concern is that slightly imbalance in their secretion can cause a major health problem.Unfortunately, a majority of people are suffering from hormonal imbalances and relying on the conventional treatme...


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We eat food to give our body proper and required nutrients and energy so that it can perform its functions. What if, you do not feel hungry or you experience loss of appetite? Loss of appetite refers a condition in which you do not feel an urge to eat. This could be dangerous as well as an alarming situation and it might lead various medical health conditions.Not eating timely and required food makes our body deprived of various necessary nutrients and minerals.This condition affects o...

Do You Often Feel Frequent Thirst And Dryness In your Mouth?

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Dry mouth which is medically termed as xerostomia is not a disease but a condition which causes your mouth dry and uncomfortable, cracked lips, frequent thirst and hoarseness in voice. Our mouth requires saliva to moisten and digest food. Saliva also thoroughly cleanses the mouth and helps prevent bacteria and fungus. It helps wash away the left over particles in the mouth and prevents decay. Enough saliva cleanses your tongue gently and prevents serious infections and disorder. When your m...


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Benefits of Regular Health Check Ups!There are many reasons due to that we tend to ignore our health.Sometimes we experience signs and symptoms but due to our busy schedule we tend to ignore them.Many times we think we are healthy, why would we need a health checkup? Due to our busy life style schedule we often neglect our health and do not give much importance on it.We just ignore the consequences of doing so. Regular health check up takes guarantee of your healthy body and protect you from unf...

You Know about Parkinson's Disease?

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What Is Parkinson's Disease?Parkinson's disease is an old age disease that hampers the proper functioning of the central nervous system that leads to a continuous loss of muscle control. The symptoms of Parkinson’s can be mild at first and can sometimes be unnoticed. Symptoms of the disease comprise tremors, rigidity, difficulty in body movements, and lack of control or balance. In some cases, Parkinson’s can affect adult too. It can be difficult to tell if you have Parkinson’s or not.Here are s...

Are You Taking Aspirin Daily? Know Its Side Effects and Complication

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Millions of hypertensive patients resort to Aspirin nowadays. Aspirin has also been considered effective remedy to prevent second heart attack, stroke and some form of cancers. Patients with hypertension are at greater risk of getting heart attack and stroke. These life threatening medical conditions are often caused by the instant blood clot buildups. Aspirin is recommended to hypertensive patients as it has the ability to prevent blood clots and platelets formation in your blood vessels; as a ...

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