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Natural ways to prevent constipation

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There is hardly a chance that you have never ever had constipation. It has become one of the commonest health problems that not only affect the quality of life but also physical and mental health if suffered from long. Though the uncomfortable condition can affect any age group of people but the elderly are more likely to get affected with it. Due to its discomfort symptoms, it may cause other problems ranging from gas, bloating, anxiety, mood swing, back pain and many more. There is no ex...

Get to know the unending benefits of Apple

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Owing to the unending benefits of apples, there is no denying that consuming an apple a day can keep your doctor away. It won’t be an exaggeration to refer an apple a powerhouse of essential nutrients. According to health experts, you are supposed to see tremendous health benefits if you consume at least two apples daily. Packed with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant property, they are highly beneficial in supporting your body system. If you are one of the patients of obesity, viral infec...

Women need to be beware of these diseases

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Women have always been known for being over burdened with work which imposes the severe risk of various diseases – be it physical or cognitive. According to health professionals women are more prone to some diseases than men. Some of the most common diseases that affect women’s health are heart diseases, breast cancer, osteoporosis, and autoimmune diseases. Let’s know more about them and the ways to keep them at arm’s length.1)Osteoporosis- Women have always been linked to increased risk of...

Do Your Hands or Feet Shake? Know what causes it.

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Shaky Hands or Hand TremorYou might have people around you experiencing tremor in hand while moving or doing normal daily chores. Or the chances are that you yourself are growing with it. Though shaky hands are normal when you are nervous, annoyed, or drunk, but the frequent hand tremor is more likely the symptoms of underlying diseases developed within you.Shaky hands which is also called hand tremor is not a life threatening condition but also not unavoidable. Mostly the condition has been lin...

भारत में लगभग 15 से 20 मिलियन से ज़्यादा आबादी अस्थमा की शिकार है। जाने क्या हैं मुख्य कारण

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भारत में लगभग 15 से 20 मिलियन से ज़्यादा आबादी अस्थमा की शिकार है ।यह एक फेफड़े की बीमारी है जिसे दवाओं के माध्यम सेकेवल कंट्रोल किया जा सकता है न की इसे पूरी तरह से ठीक किया जा सकता है। अस्थमा होने पर व्यक्ति के फेफड़ों की श्वसन नलीमें सूजन आ जाती है जिसके कारण सांस लेने में अत्यधिक परेशानी होती है।श्वसन नली में सिकुड़न के कारण फेफड़ों से आवाज़आना, खांसी एवं जकड़न जैसी समस्याएँ बनी रहती है।जाने अस्थमा के कारण-अस्थमा के कई कारण हो सकते हैं जैसे की शरीर की प्रतिरक्षा प्रणाली का कमजोर होना, एलर्जी...

Pregnancy Diet: superpower foods for Healthy Pregnancy

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When you are in your journey of pregnancy, which lifestyle and habit you should adopt and what food you should eat are some of the top most concerns. Among all, a healthy diet plays a critical role in the proper development of the baby and mother’s good health and well being. There are the countless number of information available on the internet, which contradicts each other and may leave you puzzled and confused about what foods you should add to your plate that ensures complication less pregn...

Natural Ways To Quit Smoking

There is no argument: smoking is dangerous to health. According to the Centers for Disease, Control, and Protection, smoking is responsible for more than 5 lakh death every year. Compared to non-smokers, men who smoke are 17 times more likely to die early. From increasing the risk of respiratory damage to harming the circulatory system and reducing men’s fertility to compromising the immune system, there is a list of compelling reasons you should immediately quit smoking. It has also been li...

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