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One must be conscious during rainy season as in this season virus gets active and causes various terrible and contagious viral infections.One of the most common infections during seasonal change is sore throat. Sore throat is a combination of terrible condition in which you feel pain, swelling, itching and irritation in the throat.It makes it difficult to swallow.You may feel like something is stuck in your throat.You have to be conscious as this viral infection may lead to high fever, cold, cou...


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What Is Cirrhosis?Cirrhosis is a liver disease that leads to disfiguration of the normal structure of the liver and hampers the functioning of the liver.In cirrhosis, damaged and scarred tissues replace the normal and healthy cells of the liver.Due to damaged cells, the liver becomes lumpy and hard and after some sometimes it starts to fail.There are many factors that cause cirrhosis including alcohol, fat, and certain medications, viruses, toxic metals and autoimmune liver disease in which the ...


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Benefits of Regular Health Check Ups!There are many reasons due to that we tend to ignore our health.Sometimes we experience signs and symptoms but due to our busy schedule we tend to ignore them.Many times we think we are healthy, why would we need a health checkup? Due to our busy life style schedule we often neglect our health and do not give much importance on it.We just ignore the consequences of doing so. Regular health check up takes guarantee of your healthy body and protect you from unf...

Who needs a pacemaker?

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Heart disease has become one of the most common causes of the death these days.After few decades number of deaths from the heart diseases has increased at a rapid pace.Days are not so far when cardiovascular diseases will be number 1 cause of death.Heart diseases are sometimes silent and become more deadly if not diagnosed and treated on time.Among many heart diseases, bradycardia(slow heart rate) is a disease that requires immediate treatment.Bradycardia hampers the heart's electrical syst...

Chronic Renal(kidney) Failure And Dialysis

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Chronic kidney disease, also called chronic renal failure is the progressive loss of kidney function. Each of your kidneys has millions of tiny filters, called nephron. If they are damaged, your kidney stops working. Kidneys purify wastes and filter excess fluids from your blood, which are then discharged through your urine. When chronic kidney disease comes to an advanced stage, dangerous and harmful fluid, electrolytes and wastes increases  in the body.In the early stages of chronic kidne...

Serious Life Threatening Conditions That Requires Emergency Medical Care

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It is human tendency to ignore the unusual changes or symptoms that occur to their body. The sad part is, either we do not understand them that these symptoms can lead severe complexities or we do not pay attention due to lack of seriousness. We ignore these changes until it turns out to be a serious illness or life threatening diseases. In contrast to this, there are some serious symptoms that instant occur to the body and requires immediate medical assistance and if not treated in time can per...

Are You Taking Aspirin Daily? Know Its Side Effects and Complication

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Millions of hypertensive patients resort to Aspirin nowadays. Aspirin has also been considered effective remedy to prevent second heart attack, stroke and some form of cancers. Patients with hypertension are at greater risk of getting heart attack and stroke. These life threatening medical conditions are often caused by the instant blood clot buildups. Aspirin is recommended to hypertensive patients as it has the ability to prevent blood clots and platelets formation in your blood vessels; as a ...

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