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Your Uncontrolled Anger Can Ruin Your Health. Know How?

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 Do you experience repetitive episodes of anger? Do you get annoyed and frustrated easily for no apparent reasons? Do you easily get irritated and impatient? Do you feel difficulty in controlling your temper? Do you let your anger outburst control you? If these are the conditions happening with you also, then you really need to read full text of this article.It is absolutely fine and normal to feel anger sometimes. In fact little anger is healthy emotions which you experience when something...

What Causes Epilepsy? Know More About It

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Epilepsy is the second most abnormal neurological condition that affects one-sixth of the Indian population. Based on statistics 14 people per 1000 are susceptible to develop epilepsy in which children and young adults are at higher risk. According to World Health Organization, 12 million people affected with epilepsy reside in India and 95% of them do not receive any sort of treatment. Epilepsy is a disease of nervous system that does not only adversely affect the health of the victim but can a...

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