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How to Improve Concentration And Maintain Good Health During Examination?

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March has already come with the enormous amount of stress and pressure on students as well as parents. In India, month of March is considered as the examination period in which billions of students go through mental pressure to secure good marks in examination. As the examination’s date approaches near many students tend to lose their health as well as concentration level. It happens due to carelessness and avoidance of having food on time, lack of drinking enough water, lack of rest, anxiety of...


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Our eyes are an important part, like any other part of the body. Eyes and eyesight are god-gifted so we should not take it for granted.Our eyes require continuous efforts to protect its vision. Following healthy habits will surely help you in long run.Let’s see some easiest method to keep it healthy.1.Eat Well-Some nutrients that we get from our food play an important role in keeping our eyes healthy such as omega 3, zinc, vitamins C and E.So we should be conscious about the food we take.Fill yo...

Why Cell Phones Are Bad For Your Health?

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It is no exaggeration to say that cell phones have completely occupied every aspects of our lives and become unavoidable. If you are outside, you just need to look around; you will find more than half of the people using their cell phones. Fortunately it has revolutionized our life in many ways and made things easier for us. But as the old adage says- everything has a good and bad side and so it goes with the use of cell phone too, I will stress on excessive use of cell phone. Yes, you read it r...

WORLD HEALTH DAY...Let's Work Together Against Depression..Let's Talk

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Every year on 7th April, we observed World Health Day to commemorate the anniversary of the founding of WHO(World Health Organisation).The motive of World Health Day is to take actions against existing health topic and issues. The theme of 2017 world health day is depression, which is considered as the leading cause of death amongst adolescents, women and young adults.The theme Depression: let’s talk, is focused on reaching out and assisting people in tackling this mental illness.Accor...


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How modern healthcare is being revolutionized by social media.Social media is a platform to be used by the public, patients and healthcare providers to connect with health professionals and communicate about health issues with the chances of improving health outcomes. Social media is an absolutely powerful tool which allows users to interact, generate, share, receive and comment. There is an ongoing increase in the use of social media worldwide, including healthcare context. Social media is...


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Well! Summer has finally arrived and so the prickling and scorching weather that can be harmful if not properly treated. The elevating temperature combined with humidity, a gust of dry and hot winds and heat wave leave you exhausted, drained and enervated. Sometimes heat makes weather intolerable and summer less enjoyable. It can also have an awful impact on your health. However, you cannot control the rising temperature, but what you can control is the way you take care of your body. That is wh...

Digital healthcare - An Era of Transformation

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Digital healthcare - An Era of Transformation How digital healthcare is filling the shortages of specialties and super specialties doctors in India.Technology has become the main component of our lives.Undoubtedly, It has helped us as individuals become more informed, knowledgeable and connected.Approximately 45% of the 7 billion population is already searching, surfing and chatting over the internet. India’s digital connectivity is expected to grow from 15% in 2014 to 80% access in 20...

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