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Do you know that uncontrolled consumptions of medicines and alcohol play an adverse role in damaging your liver?Our liver is the largest and one of the most important organs in the body. Whatever food we eat, liver helps to digest that and also wipes out all toxins from that.There are various factors that adversely affect and cause damage such as your lifestyle, eating patterns, drinking habits, medication etc.When your liver is not healthy, it sends many signals so that you can understand the w...


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It's true that men are more prone to lose their hair than women due to baldness.But do you know the reasons behind baldness? What actually causes it? Women also experience hair shedding but less common than men.There may be many reasons that contribute to hair loss.It might be due to lack of vitamin, protein.Or, it might be due to some underlying health condition.In most of the cases, there are various methods to treat hair loss.It all depends on the cause.Here are some reasons that might be res...

Loss of Appetite? Why Could This Be Happening? Know The Remedies.

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Is your desire of eating decreasing day by day? Are you experiencing absent of hunger? Are you counting up your food and finding you are eating almost nothing? So, why could this be happening with you? Is losing your hunger harmful or something to worry about? Loss of appetite can be good for those who are intentionally trying to lose weight. But at the same time, it could be dangerous to experience without knowing the underlying conditions. There could be various reasons for not eati...

Super Cool Foods That Help You Ward Off Stomach Discomfort In Summer

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Problems like frequent episode of indigestion, vomiting, abdominal pain, nausea, belching, bloating, stomach acid and loss of appetite are no more uncommon to us especially during scorching summer season. There is no denying the fact that people suffer more from gastritis problems in summer than any other months. There are various factors that trigger the uncomfortable situation and sometimes may also lead to chronic health conditions. Factors that contribute to agonizing and uncomfortable condi...

Use These Tips to Help Manage Your Gastritis Symptoms

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Gastritis is an extremely uncomfortable and irritating inflammatory condition which may put you at risk of acute or chronic medical conditions such as stomach ulcer, anemia, bleeding and even cancer. The symptoms you experience while suffering from gastritis are: burning in the upper abdomen, heartburn, feeling of heaviness in the stomach, acute pain in chest, yellow, or green vomiting, pain that radiates to the back, nausea, shortness of breath, excessive sweating, fainting, severe stomach pain...

Know, Why Too Much Salt Is Bad For Your Health?

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Less salt means lack of taste. Isn't it? And, consuming too much salt unfortunately can kill you? Yes, you read it right; consuming salt more than recommended limit can cause serious threat to your health. Though our body needs some amount of salt for proper functioning of our muscles and nerves.  It is needed by our body to maintain proper fluid balance. It also helps manage blood pressure and blood volume. But consuming too much salt or more than recommended limit especially if you are ol...


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Do you know colon cancer accounts for more than 9% of all form of cancer? Do you know after breast and lung cancer, it is the third most common form of cancer worldwide and fourth commonest  cause of death? A study has shown over 1 million of colon cancer incidence in 2002 with equal incidence rate in both men and women. With the passage of time it is becoming more prevalent in India whose survival rate is highly dependent upon the stage of the disease. Colon cancer is also called as c...

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