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It’s Fourth International Yoga Day Today! Check Out Some Easiest Yoga Postures.

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It’s fourth international yoga day today! The theme of this year is “Yoga For Peace”. This day is observed on 21st June worldwide to raise awareness about the benefits of incorporating yoga into daily life. Yoga is an invaluable gift that helps discover the sense of oneness. It helps create harmony between man and nature, it gives feeling of fulfillment and it helps provide complete essence of life and essence of your own self. According to a research it is found that more than 30 million p...

Know How Fast Food Can Be Detrimental For Your Health

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Do you know that the fast foods or the junk foods you eat without a second thought cause disastrous effect on your overall health? Yes, you will be shocked to know that 2 in 3 adults are considered as obese and are at greater risk of developing serious health issues due to the fast food consumption. The consumption of fast foods has been highly linked with the growth of obesity and chronic health conditions. Due to the busiest work schedule, more and more people are opting junk foods withou...

It's World Blood Donor Day! Know The Advantages Of Donating Blood.

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World Blood Donor Day is a day, dedicated to spread awareness about the need and benefits of blood donation. Every year, 14 June is observed as a world blood donor day all over the globe to encourage people to become blood donor. The theme of this year is “Blood connect us all” and the slogan of this day is “Be there for someone else, share life, give blood”.Let’s know the objectives of observing World Blood Donor Day on 14 June.1)World blood donor day is dedicated to thank people involved in bl...

8 Super Healthy Foods Every Woman Must Eat To Fight Off Danger

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Though it is both easy and affordable to get all of the required vitamins and minerals through nutrient rich diet, majority of women still suffer from one or more types of deficiencies and disorders.  An estimates show that 30% of all women are prone to develop disorders most commonly as anemia, digestion problem, defective bone growth, skin problem, dementia, allergic reaction and even various form of cancer. Keeping that in mind, it is extremely important to encourage women to...

Oral Cancer Is Emerging.. Know Its Symptoms and Causes.

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Oral cancer is one of the most leading forms of cancers followed by lung cancer among men and breast and cervical cancer among women, according to a research done by Indian Council of Medical research. Every year more than 3,00, 000 cases are identified with tobacco related cancers that can be completely prevented by incorporating healthy lifestyles and regular screening. Based on the studies, it is found that at least 2000 patients with oral cancers die every day. Oral cancer has been high...

Why You Should Have One Glass Of Lemon Water Daily

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The Benefits of Lemon Water: Detox Your Body & SkinIt is no exaggeration to term lemon as an elixir owing to its detoxifying and rejuvenating nature. Lemon works wonder to your body from cleansing to purifying it. Lemon water aids in digestion, helps keep your skin glowing, helps you shed extra kilos of your weight, and is loaded with vitamin C which helps prevent various disorders and diseases. It helps ward off dangerous chemicals and toxics from the body that can harm your health. If...

Why Healthcare Needs a Strong Online Presence.. DoctoriDuniya

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The healthcare space has been known for its isolated, segregated and fragmented nature, when it comes to ethically promoting its products and services. Owing to poor communication and collaboration, there are various challenges available, which are faced by the healthcare professionals, medical practices and institutions. In today’s digital world, traditional method is being used by most of the healthcare providers which is considered as more costly, inefficient and untimely. On the other h...

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