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Can’t figure out why you’re tired throughout the day.. Read This Blog Post

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Do you spend the whole night tossing and turning on your bed? Are you missing out 7 to 9 hours of recommended sleep? Do you feel tired and out of sort starting from morning till night? Experiencing decreased productivity in the workplace and lack of concentration?  Then chances are that you are sleep deprived. Sleep deprivation is not getting sufficient amount of sleep. According to scientific research not getting an adequate amount of sleep can take a toll on your mental and physical healt...

How do you know you have kidney problem? Symptoms that are often ignored

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How do you know you have a kidney problem? What are the signs which are usually missed by the people until any damage occur? Does kidney problem affect other organs? Do they have stages? Can they be treated? If yes, then who treats kidney problem? There might be many unanswered questions hijacking your mind if you are experiencing symptoms that may relate to a kidney condition.  problem is something that can adversely affect your health in the short and long run, if not treated in imme...

When To Consult Endocrinologist? Do You Have These Symptoms?

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Experiencing anxiety, depression, irritability, cold sensitivities, constipation, dry skin, unexplained weight gain, hair loss, mood swings, and emotional numbness? These symptoms may warn you against thyroid problem (either hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism). Encountering symptoms like difficulty swallowing, shortness of breath, or a visible swelling, cyst or lump in the neck? These problems could be a sign of thyroid nodule or cancer. Symptoms like increased thirst, frequent urination, blurred...

Let DoctoriDuniya wish all Indians a very happy 72nd independence day(2018)!

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Let DoctoriDuniya wish all Indians a very happy 72nd independence day! Since independence from the British rule, India has been celebrating this day with patriotic fervor and zeal. However, there are uncountable numbers of problems which are still prevailing in our country. We are still surrounded by unavoidable fears. Among those, health problems in India always top the list and taking toll on millions of people’s health every year. Some of the most prevailing cause for concerns affecting India...

Suffering from recurrent mouth ulcers? Get to know the possible causes and natural remedy

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There are times when you wake up with a painful sensation in your mouth. You also observe white, red, or yellow patches inside your cheeks, on tongues, or inside the lips with pain and inflammation which are more likely to become intense when you talk or chew. It is seen that women are more prone to develop mouth ulcers than men; however, it can affect people of any age at any time.   Some people experience this more frequently than others and suffer from the uneasiness, discomfort, ...

Restless Leg Syndrome: Know the surprising causes and symptoms of the disorder

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Do your legs hurt mostly at nights? Does your leg pain interrupt your quality sleep? Do you suffer from excruciating pain after prolonged sitting or standing? Do you feel the uncontrolled urge to move your leg after unexplained disturbing sensations? Does your leg pain adversely affect your work-life balance and productivity? If you are one of them who are experiencing most of these symptoms then you might have developed restless leg syndrome.According to the expert neurologist, more than 25% of...

High Blood Pressure: These Foods Can Help Lower Your High BP Level

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High blood pressure is dangerous and so its consequences. It can take a toll on your life, if not controlled on time. But the good news is that you can naturally attempt to lower down your high blood pressure level without resorting to medicines. Yes, there are ways by following which you can easily normalize and reduce your high BP level and hopefully reduce your risk of long-term complications. All you have to do is to stick with nutrient-rich foods that offer countless health benefits. ...

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